Stoltz Cement Spreaders


Stoltz introduced our line of pneumatically loaded soil stabilization spreaders to the construction industry in 1995. Sold under the Stoltz Site Spreader® brand name, these spreaders revolutionized the industry as construction companies were finally able to apply large quantities of lime, cement, fly ash, quicklime and similar materials accurately and with minimal dust. Used for Soil Stabilization, Soil Remediation, Cold-In-Place Recycling, Full Depth Reclamation, and similar construction processes, Site Spreaders feature a rugged, fully welded design, 30 inch conveyor, and either automatic or manual controls. The spreaders are pneumatically filled from a bulk tanker truck, and are designed to hold up to a full tanker load. Although known as cement spreaders, these units will spread nearly all dry binding agents.

Stoltz Truck Mounted Cement Spreader

Truck Mounted Spreaders

Chassis mounted cement spreader truck bodies. Designed to hold half or full bulk tanker loads.

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Stoltz pull-type cement spreaders

Trailer Mounted Spreaders

Utilize your existing tractor with a pull-type cement spreader. Designed for half or whole bulk tanker loads. Available in on-road or off-road models.

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Stoltz Custom Cement Spreaders

Custom Designed Spreaders

Standard spreaders don't work for everyone. Let us know if you have a special requirements or unique conditions and we will try to help.

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