Now in the third generation of ownership, our company was founded in 1945 by Christian Umble Stoltzfus. In 1968 the company was incorporated under the name C.U. Stoltzfus Mfg., Inc. with Mr. Stoltzfus serving as President and Chairman of the Board until his death in 2000. Under Mr. Stoltzfus’ guidance, the company was one of the nation’s pioneers in the design and manufacture of agricultural lime spreaders, now sold under the Stoltzfus Spreaders brand name. These spreaders made possible the application of inexpensive stockpiled (wet) lime, a feat that previously had been a difficult and labor intensive undertaking. With over 4,700 units in operation, these premium lime spreaders have earned an excellent reputation in the agricultural community both in the United States and abroad. The company is proud to support an extensive dealer network, many of whom have been selling Stoltzfus Spreaders for over thirty years.

Continuing the history of innovation, the company introduced a new line of pneumatically loaded soil stabilization spreaders to the construction industry in 1995. Sold under the Stoltz Site Spreader® brand name, these spreaders revolutionized the industry as construction companies were finally able to apply large quantities of lime, Portland cement, fly ash, and similar materials accurately and with limited dust. Currently spreaders are operating in Australia, Indonesia, Angola, South Africa, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada and all across the United States, including Alaska. Many of our customers are repeat customers, owning both truck mounted spreaders and trailer spreaders. The company is especially proud of the Top Rollout award it received in 2006 for innovation in introducing new products to highway professionals.

In January of 2009 our company name was changed to Stoltz Mfg., LLC. This change was enacted to facilitate a generational change in corporate and ownership structure. Stoltz continues to use the Stoltzfus Spreaders® brand name for our agricultural products, and the Stoltz Site Spreader® brand name for our construction products. The renamed company is committed to continuing Mr. Stoltzfus' vision of helping our customers succeed by building high quality specialty equipment designed to solve our customer’s problems.

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