Stoltz Redesigns Site Spreader

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Cement Spreader Floater Trailer

The redesigned floater trailer for the Stoltz SS-2518 cement spreader is pictured here without the spreader body. Already known for its ruggedness and durability, the latest version is 40 percent stronger with its fully welded structural tube steel framework.

Cement Spreader Trailer Spreading

The versatile Stoltz SS-2518 spreader has an optional engine that allows it to be used with vehicles that do not have a power take off (PTO). It can easily handle and distribute a full tanker load of Portland cement under the most severe operating conditions.

27 Ton Cement Spreader Trailer

The 27-ton Stoltz SS-2518 spreader is designed for pneumatic filling. Its 300-element low dust filter offers excellent dust control. Operators do not have to climb onto the roof to maintain the filter, an added safety feature.

Cement Spreader Trailer Weldment

Evident in this close-up view of the redesigned floater trailer, the Stoltz SS-2518 site spreader features a fully welded unibody construction that contributes to the outstanding use record for Stoltz spreaders. Every inch of hopper, frame and attachment points are welded.